The People’s Platform

CPA is fighting for:

Racial Justice
We seek to overcome the ways in which racism has been built into the economic structure of this
country. We believe that in order to address the issues that are impacting us we must first address structural oppression and work to lift up the voices, lived experiences of communities of color. The mass incarceration of our people, especially Black, Latino, and immigrant communities. We demand an end to the prison-industrial complex; no one should be able to make a profit from the incarceration of our communities.

A People’s Democracy
We are working for a democracy that works for all, one in which people have the power to make
decisions about their futures and hold power at the decision making table. We put people over profit. We seek to strengthen the public’s right to govern through their elected officials and to eliminate corporate influence that damages the public’s health and wellbeing. We call for a representative democracy where every voice is given an opportunity to be heard. A truly representative government is an essential tool for solving our collective challenges and creating a state that works for all of us.

Putting People and Planet First
Everyone in our community, regardless of the zip code they live in, should have access to clean air and water. We need a just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy in which communities of color and workers are centered and prioritized. We seek to build a renewable energy economy that is powered by good-paying union jobs, supports displaced workers, and benefits communities of color who have been historically the most impacted by environmental hazards.

An Economy that Works for All
We are working to create an economy that works for all, not just corporations, one where all people have their basic needs met. We are fighting for a people-led and owned economy that centers and empowers workers, not corporations, an economy that lifts workers of color up and gives us all an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of the color of our skin. We demand an end to the historic concentration of income and wealth of the top 2% by reconstructing the financial system to value the needs of people above profit. We are working to protect the rights of working people to demand worker protections, benefits, and wages that allow them to thrive.

A Just Immigration System
We are fighting for the humanity and dignity of all immigrants and refugees regardless of immigration status or where they come from. We believe that people should be able to fight their deportations at home with their families and community, not behind bars. We demand a just and fair immigration system that protects and respects all immigrants and refugees, a stop to all deportations and family separations, a solution at the national level that gives all undocumented immigrants citizenship, and an end to the incarceration of our immigrant community.