It is important to recognize that on election night in 2016 Colorado did deliver: we knocked on thousands of doors, talked to over 17 thousand voters and we won! Colorado rejected Trump and his ideas, and that was a direct result of all the work of our members canvassing. We also had an incredible victory; we won an increase on the minimum wage by passing Amendment 70! This was a victory for thousands of Coloradans who will get a much needed raise (Amendment 70 increases the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020) – this victory happened because we organized, we went door to door and we engaged voters on this important issue.


On November 7th, 2017, Colorado People’s Action (CPA)-endorsed grassroots candidates Crystal Murillo, Nicole Johnston, and Allison Hiltz were successful in their bids for Aurora City Council in Ward I, Ward II, and At-Large while their other candidate, Martha Lugo in Ward III, fell short. Between late June and election day, CPA members, volunteers, and staff hit doors throughout Aurora to support our candidates, who represent the values of the people and not corporate interests.

A core part of CPA’s strategy was to focus on the issues most important to the people of Aurora as opposed to maintaining the status quo. Despite going up against established candidates, and the thousands of dollars in corporate money poured in against the CPA candidates, CPA was able to change the discourse to focus on the priorities of the people of Aurora and win.


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