Dominique Jackson

Dominique Jackson. CPA House District 42 endorsement 2018 election

Dominique grew up all around Denver, watching this area morph into an unrecognizable place as the population grew and the cost of living skyrocketed. She never let adversity stop her from pulling herself up and accomplishing what she set out to do, which is why she decided to run for office. Since taking office in 2016 Dominique has sponsored a wide breadth of legislation, covering everything from funding affordable housing to transportation. Regardless of the topic, she is dedicated to protecting her constituents against special interests here in Colorado. Dominique is no stranger to the struggles of finding reasonably priced housing or being saddled with medical debt and so she will prioritize access to affordable housing and healthcare for all of her constituents. She will be a champion for immigrants in her district by fully supporting a move towards sanctuary status in order  to keep immigration enforcement out of the community. Dominique started her career as an environmentalist and is committed to continuing this trend if re-elected by supporting a just and equitable transition towards a renewable energy economy and fighting to hold corporate polluters accountable. Dominique has the lived experience and political know-how to keep advocating effectively to make House District 42 an equitable and accessible place for all of us.

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