Denver Elections 2019

People in Denver set out to create change and in June 2019 the people’s candidate won her bid for Denver City Council! CPA canvassers, members, and volunteers attempted to engage voters 84,607 times, knocking 16,266 doors and sending 68,341 texts to move voters to support our values through our endorsed candidate. And when it came down to a run-off election, our members showed up again!

For far too long corporate greed has guided the decisions of current elected leadership in Denver but tonight we move a step closer to changing that. This election proves that when a candidate supports bold progressive policies that the community needs, people turn out to disrupt the status quo.

Big money flooded into the city council race in Denver District 9, now one of the most expensive city council races in Denver history. Candi went up against a quarter million dollars in corporate interests, and WON! This proves that grassroots candidates can win!

CPA member Denis Ngochi shares, “I have been looking for a way to get more involved in a tangible way. Being a Colorado resident for 16 years, and a business owner in Denver wanting to be a part of directing the future of my city, though unable to participate at the ballot box due to my immigrant status, I decided to become a member of CPA so I could still have a voice in this critical election. We need someone in a position of power who will represent all of us and hold corporations and government agencies accountable to the community. I believe Candi is committed to doing that based on her track record. Every elected official should be held accountable for their words and subsequent actions, and I think CPA is a vehicle for my community to hold Candi CdeBaca accountable, to ensure we are at the table to decide our future together.”