Susie Velasquez

Susie Velasquez. CPA Endorsement elections 2018. weld county clerk & recorder

Susie has lived in Weld County for most of her life, working as an attorney and raising her family. She currently works as the Weld County Public Trustee, a position she has held since 2007, and prior to this she was the Director of Affirmative Action at the University of Northern Colorado. The office of Clerk and Recorder is vital to the county, but is currently falling behind on the demand that population growth has caused. It is plagued by employee complaints resulting in low morale and a high turnover rate, both contributing to inefficiency within the department. Susie is dedicated to using her experience managing the Public Trustee office to turning this trend around which will benefit the employees and the residents of Weld County alike. Her main priority though, is to combat gerrymandering in the county during the upcoming redistricting process. The decision to redistrict was made behind closed doors, Susie will fight to ensure this doesn’t happen through the rest of the process, instead bringing in community voices to ensure a transparent, non-partisan redistricting. As Susie says, there isn’t a Republican or Democratic way to run the Clerk and Recorder office, there is just a right way: with fairness, transparency and efficiency.


Kerry Tipper

Kerry Tipper. CPA Endorsement 2018. Colorado People's Action. Election

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Rochelle Galindo

Rochelle Galindo

Born and raised in Greeley in a working class family, Rochelle is no stranger to the issues most of us are facing in Colorado. She got involved in politics because growing up in Greeley she never heard her voice being represented, and since then Rochelle has spent her time on city council fiercely advocating for her community. Now, she is running to represent Greeley, Evans, and Garden City to ensure that Weld County has the type of leadership that reflects the people. She has always understood the importance of representing and communicating with her constituents and is committed to continuing that relationship through monthly bilingual newsletters and town halls.  Rochelle plans to prioritize the creation of new jobs that pay a living wage as well as accessible and affordable housing. She intends to fight for a just transition to renewable energy, including new jobs and job trainings for current energy workers, like her father, so people don’t get left behind as we move towards renewable technologies. As a city councilor Rochelle has actively stood against immigration enforcement terrorizing her community and is dedicated to continue this advocacy at a higher level as immigrants are attacked by the current administration. Rochelle will continue to use her platform to amplify the voices in her community. She hopes to act as an example for the next generation, to show what power they can hold and to help them reach their fullest potential to continue to fight back against white supremacy.

Rochelle is running for House District 50 and is committed to:

  • New Jobs that pay a living wage
  • Equal access to education and affordable housing for all
  • A smart and just transition to a renewable energy economy
  • Continuing to advocate for immigrant and refugee families
  • Working with her community by holding monthly town halls

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