Learn more about our endorsements for the Aurora City Council 2017 election below! Click on the candidate for more information.

Allison Hiltz

Allison Hiltz, Aurora City Council At-Large Candidate: My three main focuses are smart growth, inclusiveness, and investing in the community. Smart growth includes being mindful of how growth impacts Aurorans and ensuring that, as we grow, we are not negatively impacting certain communities. Inclusiveness, which includes accessibility, means working for an Aurora that benefits all of its residents, regardless of where they come from. Lastly, we need to invest in our communities by working towards safe and affordable public transit and affordable housing.

Crystal Murillo

Crystal Murillo, Aurora City Council Ward 1 Candidate: My platform is informed by my upbringing in Aurora and seeing first-hand the issues people face in this community. Affordable housing is a top priority for me because I see and have experienced the struggle of finding an affordable, safe and decent place to live. I want to see our community thrive and not be displaced by the rapid change. I am also fighting for a smarter growth: we need to make sure that our local community reaps the benefits of good paying jobs and that we grow in an inclusive way. A strong city infrastructure including a more connected and affordable public transit system is also important. Our road, sidewalks, bike lane and bus routes should be accessible for everyone. I believe that investing in these things will improve the quality of life for our residents.

Martha Lugo

Martha Lugo, Aurora City Council Ward 3 Candidate: My progressive platform consists of a co-governing model, putting people first and ensuring that the people have a voice. It is one that is watchful to consistently include those who have been historically marginalized such as the poor, people of color, immigrants and refugees, the LGBT community, the homeless and so forth.

Nicole Johnston

Nicole Johnston, Aurora City Council Ward 2 Candidate: For the last several years, I have been a community activist in the City of Aurora.  I have advocated for different topics ranging from hydraulic fracturing to who serves on city commissions but the same issue has been repeatedly occurred.  The City of Aurora does not consistently include residents in its governing processes.  The City of Aurora should set forth polices brought by the people, not just special interests.