CO Election 2020

In 2020, CPA ran the largest most robust field program in its history and won big! All CPA endorsed candidates won their respective races and we won paid family and medical leave for Coloradans. CPA endorsed candidates, Kerry Tipper (HD-28), Dominique Jackson (HD- 42), Iman Jodeh (HD-41), Janet Buckner (SD-28), Jennifer Bacon (HD-7), Mary Young (HD-50), Monica Duran (HD-24), Mike Weissman (HD-36) and Jason Crow (CD-6) embraced our bold People’s Platform that prioritizes people and the planet over corporate interests.

In 2020, CPA increased turnout in Colorado by 1,316 votes, of those who we contacted 1,812 were first-time voters! Our 2020 field program heavily centered deep canvassing, described as “candid conversations between canvassers and voters in which participants reflect on the experiences that shape what’s at stake for them”. We had 10,991 deep canvassing conversations to engage voters in CPA’s work for racial, climate, economic and immigrant justice and to ensure they voted. We reached voters via text, phone, digital and mail!

“It was ultimately my mom, who inspired me to do more this election. She’s always told me to fight, even when it feels like an unwinnable war. My hope for a Biden victory is to have more accountability and hopefully turn this, what feels like a war, into a path for real change for our communities

– Junior Contreras, Canvasser for CPA

“With the help of our members, we were able to move our largest and most robust electoral program to date. This year’s field program ensured that Coloradans were educated and mobilized to the polls. CPA voters turned the page from hate and division to politicians that will stand with BIPOC and immigrant communities. While the election brought many victories up and down the ballot, we know that the work of accountability is barely beginning and we will continue to mobilize voters to create lasting and impacting change that works for all of us.

– Ana Temu Bidrio, CPA Board Chair