2018 Elections


The People’s Platform

Colorado People’s Action (CPA) is a member-led, racial justice organization dedicated to building governing power in Colorado. CPA builds power by mobilizing voters, electing our own people to office, holding elected officials and corporations accountable, and working to put people before profit.

CPA is fighting for:

A People’s Democracy
We call for a representative democracy where every voice is given an opportunity to be heard and the values of an open and free democracy are prioritized. We seek the strengthening of the public’s right to govern with their elected officials and eliminating corporate influence that prioritizes profits over the wellbeing of people. We are working for a democracy that works for all.

An Economy that Works for All
We are working for an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy few. We need a people-led economy that values workers not corporations. We demand an end to the historic concentration of income and wealth on the top 2% by reconstructing the financial system to place the needs of people above profit.  We are working to protect the rights of working people to form unions, demand wages that allow them to thrive, and to hold their employers accountable.

Putting People and Planet First
We demand a just and equitable transition to a 100% renewable energy economy in which communities of color and workers are centered and prioritized. We seek to build a renewable energy economy that is powered by good paying union jobs, and supports displaced workers, and benefits communities of color who are most directly impacted by climate change and pollution.

Equitable Infrastructure
We demand investment in all communities –urban, suburban and rural Colorado– including access to safe drinking water, quality food, community owned broadband, and investment to update failing infrastructure. We demand housing that is affordable, accessible, and safe for every person. We demand robust and equitable public transportation.

A Just Immigration System
We are fighting for the humanity and dignity of all immigrants and refugees regardless of immigration status or where they come from. We demand a just and fair immigration system that protects and respects all immigrants and refugees. We demand a stop to all deportations and family separation. We demand the passage of a Clean Dream Act and an immigration reform with a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants.  

Racial Justice
We seek to overcome the ways in which racism has been built into the economic structure of this country. We seek to end police brutality, the criminalization of mental illness, and the mass incarceration of all people, especially people of color, immigrants, and youth. We demand our justice system be accountable and transparent at every level of the criminal justice system and to end to prison slave labor–all work must be recompensed by a fair living wage.

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Share your story: What do you want to change and why? How do you want to see these issues addressed?