Our Work

Our fight is driven by the objective to build lasting progressive political power in a state that is purple and all too often turns red. As a result, CPA is using its tenacious membership base to hold elected officials accountable, mobilize voters, and promote justice for all people. Check out our areas of work below! 

We are currently fully engaged with a statewide joint effort with other progressive political organizations. Via Colorado Latinos Rise, we are getting out the Latino vote and having productive conversations with our community to talk about what affects our people on a daily basis and how we can make a positive impact on our local elections together.

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Beyond the many proactive campaigns that CPA launches throughout the year, it also serves its membership by developing community leaders to serve them throughout the municipal, state, and national arenas.


Movement Politics

Colorado People’s Action (CPA) is a member-driven organization dedicated to winning long-lasting progressive public policies, we are building power by mobilizing voters, electing our own people into office, holding elected officials accountable and working to put people before profits. By putting people first, we are working to develop and lift up the voices of community leaders who are … Continue reading Movement Politics