Janet Buckner for SD-28

“I found a new purpose in life when I became a legislator and started my work for the people of Colorado. When I receive letters, phone calls, and emails from people whose lives have been positively affected by my legislation, I feel that I have accomplished my mission.

My experience in the legislature has prepared me to expand my reach and take on larger responsibilities. I have a proven track record of getting things done, and I always aim to include as many people as possible in the conversation when making decisions. Collaboration comes naturally to me and I’ve found it to be a necessary component to getting meaningful legislation passed.

The seat I’m running for has been occupied by great lawmakers, and the people of Senate District 28 deserve to have an experienced legislator to build on their legacy. I will always be dedicated to people first and lead with humility, compassion, and resolve. Please join me in my campaign for State Senate District 28!”

English Candidate Questionnaire