2021 City Council Elections

The last thing we need right now are politicians who put profits over the health of our people and our planet. Just like in Washington elected officials in our own backyard are misusing their power to serve wealthy special interests while leaving the rest of us behind. In 2021 we came together to make our communities places where our families can thrive, not just survive. With a slate of directly impacted community members running for office, CPA sought to build governing power in Aurora and Commerce City. When we build the power of the multi-racial working class we can win living wages, immigrant rights, and clean air and water.


Artwork from CPA member Lily Holmes for CPA endorsed candidates John Ronquillo, Bryan Lindstrom, Crystal Murillo and Ruben Medina.

We put up a fight in Aurora! Our efforts to win a progressive a majority in Aurora was met by millions from our opposition. Despite this our grassroots movement was able to deliver a victory for Crystal Murillo re-elected to Ward 1 and Ruben Medina who ran in Ward 3.

In 2021, we attempted to reach 35,800 voters in Aurora! Much like in 2020, our 2021 field program heavily centered deep canvassing, described as “candid conversations between canvassers and voters in which participants reflect on the experiences that shape what’s at stake for them”. We had 2,334 deep canvassing conversations at the doors to engage voters in CPA’s work for racial, climate, economic and immigrant justice and to ensure they voted. We reached voters via door to door canvassing, phone, digital and mail!

“When we’re deep canvassing we’re showing sympathy and sparking people’s curiosity in city council elections to show that, despite common belief, they aren’t boring elections. They are extremely important and can be life changing for people as city councils hold a lot of power”, Zachary Rodriguez, a canvasser with CPA shared.

He continues “Through deep canvassing I got to help a person with a felony record learn they could actually vote and was able to help restore a fundamental right. I was able to educate a person so disenfranchised that they have been throwing away their ballot every election after 2016.”

Commerce City

Artwork by CPA member Lily Holmes for CPA endorsed candidates Renee Millard-Chacon, Shenika Carter, Lucy Molina and Kristi Douglas.

This was the first year CPA endorsed candidates for Commerce City Council! We backed an all women slate of mothers, grandmothers and activists who know first hand what it is like living with corporate polluters in their own backyards poisoning their air and water. They ran for office to put their families and neighbors first! CPA was able to build on the ground work they had been setting for years and deliver a victory for Kristi Douglas in the at-large race.

Embracing deep canvassing we were able to have 733 deep canvass conversations at the doors as we attempted to reach 11,286 voters.